Smart Contracts Security Audits Platform

Quill-SCSAP QuillHash Smart Contracts Security Audit platform ensures the reliability of your smart contract by complete assessment of your system’s architecture and your smart contract codebase.

What we do?

Through our Automated and Manual analysis we provide complete solution to identify and determine vulnerabilities and violations of logic in the smart contract. Quill SCSAP considers the following distinct and crucial facets of the smart contract code: Whether the code is secure. Whether the code corresponds to the documentation (including whitepaper). Whether the code meets best practices in efficient use of gas, code readability, etc.

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Why Us ?


We have real successful experience of making and managing ICO projects using our solutions (Smart Contracts Developmenet, Wallets, ICO Launch Platform).


Our Team has expertise in Solidity, Go, JavaScript, Python and others.We have experience in both automated and manual analysis. As much as we love coding in Node.js we love following Consenys and OpenZepplin security Auditing Guidelines !


Qill SCSAP's Smart contract analysis tool combines multiple static analyzers reports into into a single file, facilitating our clients to inspect all output distinctively per tool and per smart contract .


Our team has extensive experience in building blockchain solutions on etherum, hyperledger, stellar, Corda and NEO . (

Code Design Patterns

We Review your smart contract architecture and ensure it is structured and safe use of third party smart contracts and libraries

Static Analysis

We perform automated code reviews using our own static analysis tool to detect possible coding flaws, back doors and malicious code.

Unit Testing

we code/conduct Custom unit tests written for each function in your contract to verify that each function works as expected.

Manual Analysis

Our team performs a formal line by line inspection of your smart contract in order to find any potential issue like race conditions, transaction-ordering dependence, timestamp dependence, and denial of service attacks and generate detailed documentation explanation of each function including its dependencies and conditions

Bug Bounties

We Put your contract code in front of the Ethereum expert developers for a thorough review of your code .We will offer a bug bounty program based on the rules following .

Final Audit Report

Here we deliver final audit report of Audit to the client and we also post audit report on our blog for blockchain enthusiasts/developers

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