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We ensure your smart contract goes through all the stages from manual code review till automated testing before we generate the initial audit report. Once your team updates the code, we do a thorough scrutiny of the smart contract to provide you with the Final Audit report.
You can know more about each stage of our audit process here.

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Our Clients Say

We strongly recommend Quillhash Audit services. Professional and timely execution. At no time delivery came short of what was expected and proposed. The Team was responsive and diligent - would not hesitate to look for their services again in the near future.



It was an awesome experience with QuillAudits, for sure. Everything was fast, smooth and perfect; I can't seem to see any loophole.

Azeez Ibrahim

CXN Network

The Quillhash team did a fantastic job of understanding my project and building a report. They were quick with their results and did a thorough job of explaining all existing issues. Would definitely recommend them for smart contract audit needs.

Alex A


Quillhash provides an in-depth review of core development principles and strategies executed; their team is extremely professional and provide great detail during the smart contract auditing process.



I like the audit report made by team . As well all members are very professional answering/responding queries. It was a very smooth interaction with all of you. Looking forward to associate with more projects soon.



It was a pleasure working with QuillHash. Their team was highly professional, thorough, and very responsive. We were very pleased with the entire process from start to finish and would highly recommend their smart contract audit services.



Thank you for your service.

William Chang

Manager, Commons Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Smart Contract Audit?
Smart Contract Audit is a process of validating functionality of a smart contract and to find security loopholes of Smart Contracts and correct them.
What is the Smart Contract Audit for?
Smart Contract Audit is for everyone who is dealing with smart contracts, either you have an ICO, STO, fintech, Games or any Dapp solution based on Smart Contract you should go for third party Audit
What assurances can a Smart Contract Audit provide?
Smart Contract Audit assures that functionalities of the smart contract are working properly and there are no loopholes for attackers in your smart contract.
Who needs smart contract Auditing?
A smart Contract audit is a vital part of ensuring surety of the codes and functionalities integrated into a smart contract, protocols, or decentralized exchanges. Due to recent attacks such as the infamous DAO hack, which led to the loss of millions of dollars, we recommend each blockchain project built on Ethereum, EOS, and Tron to have a third-party audit done before deploying on the mainnet.
How much does a smart contract audit cost?
Our price varies from one smart contract to another. It depends on the complexity of functionalities and the lines of code in the smart-contract. We follow an intensive audit process by keeping the cost minimal to ensure maximum security. Request for a free quote or contact our team, and we will get back to you with a feasible timeline and cost.

What is the need of

Smart Contract Audit ?

EOS Smart Contracts Security Audit - A Comprehensive Guide

EOS platform has created much hype in the blockchain community by offering a high transaction rate and providing an operating system like architecture for managing distributed resources...

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QuillAudits Smart Contract Audit Check List

QuillAudits is a smart contracts security audits platform provided by QuillHash Technologies. It’s a fully automated platform for getting smart contracts checked for security vulnerabilities as well as the efficiency of code...

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Potential Attack on Ethereum Network to mint GasTokens

The latest vulnerability, in ethereum framework uncovered by levelk, Potentially allows bad actors to mint large amounts of Gastokens or drain funds. In levelk’s hypothetical study or in a case study it is possible to mint...

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smart contract auditors look for

What smart contract auditors look for

A smart contract is a set of Blockchain code that enforces the terms of a transaction between the parties involved. It’s referred to as a smart contract because it’s self-executing and eliminates the need for a trusted...

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How long does it take to get smart contracts audited | DeFi

How long does it take to get smart contracts audited | DeFi

Smart contract audit is generally the last step in the journey of a smart contract or for the DeFi application and is often left out. Considering the prominence of smart contracts in the DeFi world or in any Blockchain application, getting smart contracts audited is a crucial part...

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What is the right time for DeFi smart contracts audit?

What is the right time for DeFi smart contracts audit?

Smart contracts are the very heart of the DeFi ecosystem but even beyond DeFi, their appropriateness in a Blockchain-based application has no bounds. If your DeFi smart contracts are vulnerable, so is your application.These are the prewritten lines of code representing pre-approved terms and conditions that are executed...

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Here are the answers to top 6 FAQs on Smart contract auditing.

Here are the answers to top 6 FAQs on Smart contract auditing.

Smart contracts lie at the core of decentralized networks. These are computer programs that automate the tasks in a transparent manner, while eliminating the role of middlemen. However, there is a cliché. Just a single bug may throw an entire blockchain off the rails, putting financial fortunes of everyone associated at peril...

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Smart contract audit checklist for 2021 by QuillAudits | DeFi.

Smart contract audit checklist for 2021 by QuillAudits | DeFi.

It can unquestionably be stated that the increased adoption of smart contracts demands strong security guarantees. Unfortunately, it is challenging to create smart contracts that are free of security bugs. As a consequence, critical vulnerabilities in smart...

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The need for smart contracts audit | Smart contracts in blockchain.

The need for smart contracts audit | Smart contracts in Blockchain.

The DeFi world is gradually becoming the de facto standard for financial interactions. When compared to the traditional financial system, Decentralized Finance offers numerous benefits that give us the confidence to say that it will become the new face of finance. We will discuss the smart...

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