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Blockchain Vulnerability assessment & Penetration Testing Services

QuillAudits proven strategy to tackle vulnerabilities specific to blockchain technology comes with a mix-blend of conventional pentesting approach and dynamic blockchain analysis.


The Blockchain vertical is inevitable to the threats and vulnerabilities that are present in its development core. In our cutting-edge research, we have discovered various untouched areas of smart contracts, decentralized apps(dApps), on-chain, and off-chain scaling solutions that might be prone to a potential threat.

Some of the prominent loopholes and potential security threats that take place in Blockchain domain are:

Mishandled timestamps

Code pitfalls in smart contracts

Tampering of Crypto keys

Consensus mechanism with inappropriate methods

Attacks such as Denial of Service (DoS)

Integrity issues with your Blockchain

Malicious acts on Private Keys

Absence of security control mechanism

Absence of rigid Blockchain Security Framework

Lack of stiff security against malicious codes

MITM attacks and Packet sniffing

Privilege escalations in Blockchain

Under-Optimization of smart contracts

Flaws in EVM design

Cross site scripting

SQL Injection attack

How QuillAudits can safeguard your Blockchain Venture

We at QuillAudits follow a prolonged strategy to cover all the phases of Vulnerability assessment & Pentesting with respect to the Blockchain such as:

quillaudits process quillaudits process

Our comprehensive vulnerability assessment & pentesting strategy consists of following stages to safeguard your venture against potential vulnerabilities:

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Benefits of Blockchain pen test with QuillAudits

Blockchain Pen-Testing provides protection for your esteemed Blockchain application. Some of the notable benefits of penetration testing with QuillAudits in-house experts include:

Discover Potential Attack Vectors

Finding out hidden vulnerabilities

Nodes vulnerability assessment

Blockchain API Testing

Wallet Security

Blockchain Pen-Testing provides protection for your esteemed Blockchain application. Some of the notable benefits of penetration testing with QuillAudits in-house experts include:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Blockchain dApp Pentest?
A Blockchain penetration test is a security audit of a decentralized application, network or system that uses blockchain technology. It is intended to discover and fix vulnerabilities in the target before a malicious user exploits them.
Who needs a Blockchain dApp Pentest?
If you are a company or any other organization that deals in Blockchain technology then you must need a penetration test of your Blockchain. A thorough penetration test will help you find the loopholes of the security system of your Blockchain and will suggest ways how to improve it.
What do we need to provide before a Pentest?
Early in the testing process, we make it a priority to learn more about both your business and testing needs. We try to pore through as much detail as possible so that we may better generate an accurate proposal. Our intention is to create a solution that helps you avoid any future issues related specifically when it comes down to budgeting and having the time for additional testing. The more information you're willing to share upfront, the better understanding we have of what's needed from a testing perspective.
What is the Cost & Duration of a Penetration Test?
Penetration testing durations and costs can vary significantly depending on multiple variables. Scoping details such as number of domains & subdomains, complexity and number of applications, social engineering are key factors to determining the size of the project. Request for a free quote or contact our team, and we will get back to you with a feasible timeline and cost.
What pentest process do we follow?
We scan for vulnerabilities present in the system by running various approaches like using Automated & manual tools. Most of our work is manual testing to find out the vulnerability. Apart from this, we also leverage in-house & open source security tools.

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