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The immutable nature and the traceability are what makes Blockchain secure. But some of the Blockchain applications may still be prone to unidentified vulnerabilities. These severities when occur in transaction protocols such as smart contracts, may cause a large financial impact. Here the role of smart contract auditing becomes of immense importance.


The Audits and the analysis described therein are created solely for Clients and published with their consent. The scope of our review is limited to a review of Solidity code and only the Solidity code we note as being within the scope of our review within this report. The Solidity language itself remains under development and is subject to unknown risks and flaws. The review does not extend to the compiler layer, or any other areas beyond the Solidity programming language that could present security risks. Cryptographic tokens and smart contracts are emergent technologies and carry with them high levels of technical risk and uncertainty.

The Audits are not an endorsement or indictment of any particular project or team, and the Audits do not guarantee the security of any particular project. This Report does not consider, and should not be interpreted as considering or having any bearing on, the potential economics of a token, token sale or any other product, service or other asset. Cryptographic tokens are emergent technologies and carry with them high levels of technical risk and uncertainty. No Report provides any warranty or representation to any Third-Party in any respect, including regarding the bug free nature of code, the business model or proprietors of any such business model, and the legal compliance of any such business. No third party should rely on the Audits in any way, including for the purpose of making any decisions to buy or sell any token, product, service or other asset. This Report does not constitute investment advice, is not intended to be relied upon as investment advice, is not an endorsement of this project or team, and it is not a guarantee as to the absolute security of the project. There is no owed duty to any Third- Party by virtue of publishing these Audits.

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