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Learn smart contract security auditing by the instructors of one of the industry leading cybersecurity solutions for blockchain projects and gain one of most in-demand skills. The course will take you in a long but exciting journey of smart contract audits. Passing students will receive a QuillAudits Certified Security Professional (QSCP) certificate.

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Why Learn Smart Contract Security Auditing?

Blockchain is One of the Most In-demand Industries and the Demand Increases by 40% Every Quarter.
Blockchain is Set to Revolutionize the World Economy, Be a Part of the Rapid Growing Industry and Secure Real-World Applications Ranging from Supply chains, Financial Institutions, Collateralized Lending, and many more.
Highest Paid Skill in the Blockchain Industry (Upto $300K a year).
Secure Billions of Dollars locked in DeFi protocols, earn the respect!
Companies Are Actively Looking for Smart Contract Security Auditors and Pay Handsomely.
For Developers, Learn to Write Secure Code by Applying the Knowledge of Security in Smart Contracts and Prevent Hacks.

Who Should Learn?

  • Security geeks
  • Blockchain Developers.
  • Professionals looking to
    transition in the blockchain

Prerequisites For the Course

  • Blockchain and Ethereum.
  • Solidity
  • Linux command line.
  • Truffle
  • Remix IDE
  • JavaScript
  • ERC 20

Note: Windows users can download virtualisation softwares like VMware Workstation and VirtualBox on your Windows machine.

Why Learn Smart Contract Security Auditing With QuillAudits?

In QCSP certification program, you will learn auditing a smart contract from professional security auditors that work on real-world applications and have secured over 6.9B of Dollars to date.
Work proactively and learn to analyse code in every manner; dynamic code analysis, manual code analysis, static code analysis.
Learn to use industry standard tools and methodologies used to secure smart contracts.
Get verse with risk assessment using black box testing, gray box testing, white box testing and professional report writing.
Get to know how to exploit Solidity vulnerabilities including but not limited to re-entrancy, integer over/underflow, force sending Ether, DoS, bypassing Tx.origin(), external call, and SWC Registry.
Life-time access to the QCSP curriculum.
Self-paced learning so you don’t have to quit your job while transitioning in the industry, the course won’t disturb your routine.
Get a life-time valid certificate after you complete the course.
Access to private blockchain security challenges meant to enhance your ability to identify bugs during a security assessment.

Extended Course Curriculum

The below content will be discussed with the smart contract security auditor and is for reference only.




Use Slither to detect
Solidity issues


Critical Functions Signature

For any course related queries, email us at [email protected] or tweet at @QuillAudits.

Meet Your Instructors

Quillaudit Instructor Image
Tejaswa Rastogi

Tejaswa Rastogi, Smart Contract Auditor & Blockchain security researcher at QuillAudits with 5+ years of experience in pen testing. Notable certifications - CISCO, Microsoft, EC-Council, InfoSec, & so on..!

He also presented in International Conferences like DEFCON, Nullcon, Red Team Summit, and so on..!

Community Contributions include - ‘RazzorSec’ & ‘Cipher Shastra’ .

Quillaudit Instructor Image
Ender Loc Phan

Ender Loc Phan- 6+ years of experience in Cyber Security. Worked on various security verticals like - Banking Systems, Blockchain, Web/Mobile applications, so on.

Contributions include open-source projects; OWASP, Slither, and more.

Holds a number of critical CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) and is an Offensive Security Web Expert (OSWE), an OSCP, & a CBSP.

Quillaudit Instructor Image
Souhail Mssassi

Souhail Mssassi- 8+ years of experience in Cybersecurity as an Offensive Security Engineer specialized in application security, cryptography and security of dApps.

He assisted Organizations upgrade their Cybersecurity Strategy, & presented lectures in renowned universities & conferences globally. Recently involved in a research on Formal Verification in Cybersecurity Field, also a Blockchain Dev in Solidity & Rust.

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