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QuillAudits acknowledges the significant threats involved in smart contracts, which can lead to many critical possibilities.

Identify ways in which the system is susceptible to be gamed or abused, what parts are exposed to centralization risks like point of interaction with oracles, and what governance mechanisms are in place that could be a potential threat to the investor funds .

Coding Risk

The complex nature of DeFi protocols is not surprising that there are errors in the code that can provide malicious parties with an attack vector through which hackers can steal funds. One such attack was on DeFi protocol SushiSwap which was exploited for between $10,000 and $15,000.

Centralization Risk

The risk posed as it is trivial for a malicious party to take control of the singular source of data and manipulate the market to their profit. Oracles are a possible source of systemic risk, and their data feeding role is prone to manipulation.

Financial Risk

DeFi protocols are based on public blockchains. These blockchains typically have a native digital asset. The price-performance of the asset of the supporting blockchain is likely to affect the value of the holdings locked in a DeFi protocol. While this may lead to profit, it is also possible that there are losses.

Regulatory Risk

Unfortunately, due to a combination of factors, such as a lack of understanding and the complexities in technology, some regulators and jurisdictions are not in favour of the DeFi space. Fortunately, this issue is likely to be alleviated with time.

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DeFi Due Diligence ?

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