Ethereum services by Quillaudits

Smart Contract Audit for Ethereum

QuillAudits offers advanced Ethereum smart contract audit to validate and secure your core business logic.

Importance of Audit(security)

Smart contract hold assets of millions of worth, all the issues and security flaws must be solved before deploying on mainnet (explain attacks and also their solution).

Secure code have high chances of project success and also it will help in listing your token or projects on exchanges.

Your code should justify your use-case.

If your smart contract Verified by 3rd party Auditor, it gain value in market as well as attract investor.

Our Ethereum Audit Services

dApps Security Audit :

Decentralised applications are recognised as combination of smart contracts + web interface + wallet, Smart contract audit is not enough for a Dapps, as web interface, backend and wallet must undergo for penetration testing to prevent any attacks on dapp.

Smart Contracts Audit:

Smart contract audit is a process of validating functionality of a smart contract and to find a security loopholes of smart contracts and correct them, our rigorous smart contract audit process is enough to prevent your smart contract from known attacks and other vulnerabilities.


quillaudits process


quillaudits process

Our Ethereum Audit Items

We follow Smart Contract Weakness Classification (Scw registry) to standardised vulnerabilities of smart contracts and to define a common language for describing security issues in smart contract systems architecture, design, or code.

SWC No Audit Item
SWC-132 Unexpected Ether balance
SWC-131 Presence of unused variables
SWC-130 Right-To-Left-Override control character (U+202E)
SWC-129 Typographical Error
SWC-128 DoS With Block Gas Limit
SWC-127 Arbitrary Jump with Function Type Variable
SWC-125 Incorrect Inheritance Order
SWC-124 Write to Arbitrary Storage Location
SWC-123 Requirement Violation
SWC-122 Lack of Proper Signature Verification
SWC-121 Missing Protection against Signature Replay Attacks
SWC-120 Weak Sources of Randomness from Chain Attributes
SWC-119 Shadowing State Variables
SWC-118 Incorrect Constructor Name
SWC-117 Signature Malleability
SWC-116 Timestamp Dependence
SWC-115 Authorization through tx.origin
SWC-114 Transaction Order Dependence
SWC-113 DoS with Failed Call
SWC-112 Delegatecall to Untrusted Callee
SWC-111 Use of Deprecated Solidity Functions
SWC-110 Assert Violation
SWC-109 Uninitialized Storage Pointer
SWC-108 State Variable Default Visibility
SWC-107 Reentrancy
SWC-106 Unprotected SELFDESTRUCT Instruction
SWC-105 Unprotected Ether Withdrawal
SWC-104 Unchecked Call Return Value
SWC-103 Floating Pragma
SWC-102 Outdated Compiler Version
SWC-101 Integer Overflow and Underflow
SWC-100 Function Default Visibility

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is a Ethereum Smart Contract Audit ?

Ethereum Smart Contract Audit is a process of validating functionality of a smart contract and to find a security loopholes of Smart Contracts and correct them.

2What is the Ethereum Smart Contract Audit for ?

Ethereum Smart Contract Audit is for everyone who is dealing with smart contracts, either you have an ICO, STO, fintech, Games or any Dapp solution based on Smart Contract you should go for third party Audit

3What assurances can a Ethereum Smart Contract Audit provide ?

Ethereum Smart Contract Audit assured that functionalities of smart contract is working properly and there is no loophole for attackers to attack on your smart contracts.


We choose One Project each month for a Free Detailed Audit

  • Applications are accepted from 1st to 30th of current month.
  • Result is announced on 5th of following month.
  • Detailed Audit Report is made live on 15th of following month.
  • The selected project has to embed our QuillAudits Widget & mention us as their partner.