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Over $250B are locked in the DeFi ecosystem, and in the past 6 months alone, over $1B are lost in more than 100 DeFi exploits. Earn up to 15% for every successful referral as a reward. Help your close associates in securing DeFi & NFT projects and earn a competitive commission for the same.

Total Rewards Shared Out

More than $190K

Till August 5, 2022

It’s Easy to Start Earning with us!



Sign up & Receive a referral link from QuillAudits soon after you register

connectb with projects

Connect with Projects

Connect us with businesses directly or Share your Referal Link in your network, web3 communities

Execution of Audits

We successfully conclude the smart contract audit for your referred business

earn comissions

Earn commissions

As soon as we conclude the audit, you’ll be credited with your referral commission

Distinctive Benefits of our Affiliate Program

easy to join

Easy to Join

It’s easy to be a part of our global affiliate network, and start earning - No Registrations required

free to join

Free to Join

Our affiliate program is free of cost to participants, hence you have absolutely nothing to lose!

unbetable rewards

Unbeatable Rewards

With best in market commissions, earn endlessly with each successful referral

competitive pricing

Competitive Pricing

Get the projects of your associates secured from a trustworthy smart contract auditing firm in a very economical way

Tiered Reward System


Tier 1 - Joinee

-> Earn 10% flat commission on all referrals!
-> You Referred a project for Smart Contract Audit (say, total cost of Audit = $ 1000 USD)
-> QuillAudits successfully Audits that project
-> You’ll get 10% of the total Audit Price as a Reward (i.e. $ 100 USD)


Tier 2 - Partner

-> You make an additional 5% commission on every new audit that any of your referral undertake!
-> You landed a Partner for us
-> We successfully Conclude Audits for that Partner
->You’ll get Rewarded with 5% incentive on each successful partner smart contract audit


Tier 3 - Ambassdor

-> You Referred 3 projects for Smart Contract Audits in a Month (say, total cost of Audits = $ 3000 USD)
-> We successfully conclude Audits for these projects
-> You’ll get Rewarded with 15% commission (i.e. $ 450 USD)

QuillAudits Affiliate Program is most sought-after because

A nominal churn rate under 2% speaks in volumes about the trust our partners & clients have put in us. And needless to mention here that you earn commissions for every successful audits we conclude from your referrals.

Some unique features that make clients & partners stay with us

Industry level experts with an experience of over 5+ years to manually review smart contracts

An effective strategy to carry out smart contract audits by utilizing automated auditing tools

Scrutinizing smart contracts through mathematical methods of formal verification

QuillAudits provide an audit report classifying all vulnerabilities, as well as proposing solutions for them

Program Benefits

Free and easy joining, earn commission for every successful referral
No limit on earning commission
No minimum referral requirement, earn as you refer
Dedicated clear status of your referrals in a sheet format to help you track the success
Protect projects, earn respect!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?
QuillAudits affiliate program is for the people who understand the changing landscape of the blockchain security industry, contribute to securing projects and earn a commission.
How much can I expect to earn monthly from the program?
Our affiliate program follows a self-driven approach- you earn as you go. Earnings depend on your ability to sell QuillAudits services to consumers. We have a tiered reward system based on various slabs of the referrals.
Is there a minimum requirement to participate in the affiliate program?
There is no minimum participation requirement, you can bring as many clients you are able to.
Is the commision one-time or is it a recurring commission?
It is a recurring commission.
Can you offer a discount on your services to my customers?
No, we do not offer discounts on our services.
How can I track my total earnings?
You will receive an Notion Sheet consisting of your achievements and records.
Do we allow self-referral commission?
No, we don't allow commission on self-referral.

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