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Blockchain and Crypto CTF Challenges

At QuillAudits we are trying to build a platform to open a door to fun & friendly CTF-like challenges. This unique platform will serve the needs of various stakeholders to test, evaluate, and expand their smart contract exploiting skills. These CTF challenges are based on the modern Smart contract platforms & DeFi security.

Doors are open to all the Smart contracts wizards!

It is QuillAudit's initiative to serve the Smart contract & DeFi ninjas with some challenging security, exploits, and exploiting tasks. Each task or challenge will be on Smart-contract/Defi primitive or its application in other fields. It will push you to your extreme potential & squeeze your heart to test your true passion for securing Smart contracts & DeFi assets.

What's in it for you?

At QuillAudits, we believe that CTFs not only polish the skills of security pros but are also a fascinating way to learn securing smart contracts/DeFi assets. Due to this, along with our main CTF challenges, there will also be some beginner tasks for individuals who want to start afresh.

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