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Blockchain Security Conference

A two days virtual conference featuring global Blockchain veterans presenting their novel ideas, stories, and experiences around creating a secured Web3.0 ecosystem.

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12+ hours, 10+ Blockchain Industry Experts, Catch the Show Here


The need of a blockchain security conference

Blockchain technology is used worldwide to improve the security, scalability, and efficiency. But various protocols running in this unique distributed consensus arrangement are vulnerable to hacks and scams.

Thus, to change the status quo, we have come up with 'Unchained', an event with industry experts and professionals with the main aim to promote research, development, and knowledge sharing around the security aspect of blockchain technology

Who are we?

QuillAudits is a secure smart-contracts audit platform that offers advanced Ethereum, Polygon, Solana smart contract audit, Due Diligence, and blockchain protocol security.

RazzorSec is an online blockchain security community of professionals around the globe. We decided to build a platform to help the InfoSec community learn from each other and grow together.

Who should join?

People with a passion for blockchain security - students, researchers, professionals, and anyone in the security field with an interesting or a new and exciting concept or idea.

Speakers at Unchained '22


Adrian Hetman

DeFi security triager at Immunefi



Founder: BlokFiny, Blokgames. Security Researcher, Ape



Junior Security Researcher at ConsenSys Diligence, Cypherpunk and cofounder of SkidsDAO


Daniel V.F.

Senior Engineer at Origin Protocol and Smart Contract security researcher



Founder of Secureum Bootcamp


Josh Mcintyre

Software engineer at Microsoft, Tech educator at Chaintuts.


Rohas Nagpal

Author, Future Money Playbook. Chief Blockchain Architect, Hybrid Finance Blockchain


Joran Honig

Security Researcher and Product Lead (MythX) at ConsenSys Diligence


Andrei Văcaru

Formal Verification Engineer at Runtime Verification


Timur Guvenkaya

Senior Security Engineer at Halborn Security, Rust enthusiast


Gokul Alex

Associate Director, KPMG


Mudit Gupta

Blockchain Security Researcher Ethereum & Substrate Dev Advisor to Blockchain startups


Pablo López

Blockchain Solutions Architect, Founder of Equantum Cybersecurity & CreatiBlock


Rex Hygate

President, DeFiSafety

Sponsors and Community Partners

Unchained Rewind

Find below a glimpse of UnChained 2021 and some of the Notable speakers from the First Edition of our Blockchain Security Conference.

Gokul Alex

Peter Kacherginsky

Rohas Nagpal

Joran Honig

Dimitar Bounov

Deepak Nuli

Josh McIntyre

Vaibhav “Vasa” Saini

Nicholas Ward

Sandeep Shukla

Mitchell Amador

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