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Smart Contract Auditing Services for Binance Smart Chain

QuillAudits offers comprehensive Binance Smart Chain (BSC) smart contract audit services to secure your highly dynamic venture on BSC from possible vulnerabilities.

Advantages of Auditing a Binance Smart Chain Project with QuillAudits



With a strong team of developers and industry auditors to audit BSC smart contracts, we ensure the process leaves a mark of excellence with significant outcomes.



BSC uses a unique Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) consensus algorithm that empowers it to create new blocks every three seconds. Our audits will ensure a smooth and accelerated development and deployment of your project on the Binance Smart Chain.

Key Benefits of Binance Smart Chain Auditing


Discovering potential
risks and vulnerabilities

Your BSC smart contract project will undergo rigorous tests to find out any possible vulnerabilities or errors. This process will reveal the loopholes and risks associated with your smart contract.



A BSC smart contract audit can help you get better insights into whether your smart contract is well optimized to handle the target audience.

Frequent Smart Contract Attacks

To make your smart contract system immune to future attacks, it is imperative to be aware of existing attacks. SWC registry presents an exhaustive list of all familiar smart contract vulnerabilities along with the solutions to tackle them.

Our Agile methodology to Audit a Binance Smart Contract

We carry out the Binance Smart Contract audit in the following phases:

Phase 1

Our in-house auditors will get a gist of the BSC architecture with your development team to achieve a holistic overview of the project. It helps us get a clear and concise definition of the project and then we design a robust approach to planning its execution.

Phase 2

In this step, we rely upon our in-house automated analysis tools to perform the qualitative analysis which isn’t possible manually.

Phase 3

Manually performing the qualitative data analysis on the codes to ensure there is no code redundancy and cloning.

Phase 4

At this stage, we lookout for possible vulnerabilities such as gas-limit issues, re-entrancy, timestamp dependencies, and many others. Having a systematic review of these weaknesses is essential to assign severity levels to those security issues, and hence mitigate them.

Phase 5

After performing all the above steps successfully, our auditors will provide a compilation of all the findings. If there are any fixes to the code, it is done by the developers and again the report is turned up for final review by the auditors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Binance Smart Chain Audit?
Binance Smart Chain Audit is scrutinizing the contract code against severe vulnerabilities and loopholes. The detailed analysis of the contract's code makes it free from any error so that the financial losses due to the exploits can be mitigated.
What issues can be identified during the Binance Smart Chain Audit?
It is crucial to check the contract code against multiple vulnerabilities such as; Message calls with the hardcoded gas amount, the Presence of unused variables, Code With No Effects, and so on. During the Binance Smart Chain Audit, we test the code against all the issues mentioned in the SWC registry and the recent exploits.
How do you audit a Binance Smart Chain?
We carry out the Binance Smart Chain audit in various phases; first, we get a holistic overview of the project from your development team, perform the qualitative analysis with automated analysis tools, and manually analyse the code for redundancy and cloning. In the next phase, we lookout for possible vulnerabilities such as gas-limit issues, re-entrancy, timestamp dependencies, and many others before submitting a final audit report.
Why is Binance Smart Chain Security Audit Important?
It is important to audit the contract on Binance Smart Chain to mitigate the risks and vulnerabilities associated with the project. It is the process of examining the contract code against severe vulnerabilities and possible attacks that can lead to huge financial losses.
How much money have BSC smart contracts lost due to hacks?
Since 2020, 134 BNB Smart Chain projects have been compromised for $767 million, with an average exploit cost of $5,725 per project. The exploits related to Web3 projects are at an all-time high; projects must follow strict security measures to mitigate the risks associated with projects.

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