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Smart Contract Audit for EOS

EOS Blockchain Audit

EOS smart contracts inherit all the major benefits of smart contract model, and thus any unexpected logic flow may cause huge security vulnerabilities putting EOS at stake. QuillAudits performs a thorough EOS smart contract audit including manual as well as automated security audit tools.

Importance of Audit(security)

Smart contract hold assets of millions of worth, all the issues and security flaws must be solved before deploying on mainnet.

Secure code has high chances of project success.

Your code should justify your use-case.

If your smart contract Verified by 3rd party Auditor, it gains value in the market as well as attract investor.

Our EOS Audit Services


Blockchain / Platform Audit

It is generally of the combined nature (smart contract + backend with wallets). We identify and research on best optimisations possible with the smart contract that may save the precious gas of Ethereum. We focus to make the platform more efficient and secure overall.


Smart Contracts Audit

A Smart contract audit is a process to test the source code against all known vulnerabilities and attacks. A Smart Contract audit identifies and prevents the deployment of security vulnerabilities that may cause to loss. Both business case logic and security point of view are considered.

We use automated testing & analysis as well as manual security review of the code. Auditors use EOSFactory by Tokenika to test contracts and produce the bugs.

How We Process

quillaudits process quillaudits process

Our EOS Audit Items

S.No Audit Item
1 Arithmeticoverflowaudit
2 Dispatchersecurityaudit
3 Logical implementation verification
4 Actionspermissionsaudit
5 Codingstandardsaudit
6 RAM consumption audit
7 Unhandledtransferrequestshandling
8 RAMDOSattackprevention
9 CPU/Bandwidth DOS attack prevention
10 Predictable random numbers handling
11 Variable initialisation risk detection
12 Hard coded address security audit
13 Type safety audit
14 Informationleakdetection

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