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NEAR Smart Contract Security Audit

Our World-Class Smart Contract Audit Services Help You Deliver Secure Web3 dApps on NEAR Protocol.

Futureproof your Web3 and DeFi applications on NEAR Protocol with safe and secure smart contracts, courtesy of the QuillAudits smart contract audit team.

NEAR Smart Contracts Audit, Why Is It Necessary?

NEAR Protocol has made the creation of fast, inexpensive, and scalable Web3 applications possible. But, unfortunately, as its adoption grows, so do the security threats. Hackers and cybercriminals look for ways to exploit the weaknesses of smart contracts driving these applications, putting your users’ crypto assets and data at risk. No one wants that to happen, especially not us. At QuillAudits, we conduct a thorough check-up of your smart contracts to address all security concerns. Our NEAR smart contract audits will get you:

Prevention of NFT Counterfeiting

Complete Vulnerability Check

Our in-house security experts manually review and authenticate every bit of code to identify and mitigate all possible risks and vulnerabilities.

Code Patch-up

Bug Fixes

Get the code audited as you develop to eliminate all potential vulnerabilities that may otherwise go unnoticed before it's too late.

Check Gaps in Minting Process

Scheduled Auto Scans

Auditing once isn't the end, as regular scans help maintain integrity and security throughout future development cycles.

Ensure accessibility of virtual asset

Comprehensive Reports

QuillAudits reports summarize the project and describe each vulnerability with specific reference to relevant portions of the smart contract.

How do NEAR Smart Contracts Audit work?

NEAR is a relatively new yet widely adopted protocol for building Web3 and decentralized applications. Its unique combination of sharing technology and Nightshade PoS consensus mechanism offers a more efficient, scalable dApps ecosystem with low fees, paving the way for widespread Web3.0 adoption. With Web3.0 being slated as the future of the internet, it is necessary for the dApps built on this ecosystem to ensure on par or better security than existing online applications. Enabling it is QuillAudits’ three-part NEAR smart contract audit process.

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The benefits of NEAR Smart Contract Audit

NEAR smart contract audit brings out all the minute details in the code, helping identify any potential shortcomings that could hamper the security and performance of your code. In addition, the QuillAudits report references all the changes that can be made to optimize the code. A few benefits of a smart contract audit include:

Identify Potential Vulnerabilities

In-depth code scrutiny by QuillAudits team brings out any code flaws that make smart contracts vulnerable to remediation.

Discover Possible

Vectors Identify loopholes most likely to be exploited by hackers and plug them.

Optimized Code for Increased Efficiency

Streamline the code to optimize processes, minimize associated costs, and more.

Build Strong

Audit reports and certification from a reputed smart contract audit firm help build trust among stakeholders.

Few of Many Things we Look for in NEAR Smart Contracts Audit

With years of experience handling smart contract audits, the QuillAudits team is well-versed in evaluating the smart contract code and looking for all possible loopholes. Here are some of the most common things we look for.

Block Gas Limit

ownership Checks

Contract Referencing

Redeployment with cross-instance confusion

External Calls

Unsafe Rust code


Outdated dependencies

Front Running

Arithmetic overflow/ underflow


Casting Truncation

Signature Replay

Memory Corruption

Missing Signer Checks

Our Audit Process

The QuillAudits smart contract audit process is straightforward with a well-sorted workflow that can be applied to the varying requirements any client of ours might have.

Newsletter Blogs
Newsletter Blogs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NEAR?
NEAR is a blockchain development platform written in general-purpose programming languages Rust and AssemblyScript that is based on a sharded, proof-of-stake, layer-one blockchain.
It is commonly known for its 1000x lower transaction fees and carbon neutrality which makes it an emerging and user friendly choice amongst developers.
NEAR platform aims to bring together a multitude of community members in order to provide the most stable experience possible with a broad multifunctional ecosystem to its users.
What is a Smart Contact Audit?
Smart Contract Audit is a comprehensive process to scrutinize a smart contract’s code that is used to interact with a cryptocurrency or blockchain. This process is carried out to discover errors, issues & security vulnerabilities in the code in order to rectify & fix them. It secures the code from potential future bugs.
Who Needs a Smart Contact Audit?
Smart Contract Audit is for everyone who is dealing with smart contracts, either you have an ICO, STO, fintech, Games or any Dapp solution based on Smart Contract you should go for third party Audit.
Why opt for a Professional Smart Contract Audit for Near Protocol?
NEAR Protocol is a relatively new protocol that is undergoing a lot of changes. With the ecosystem still in the nascent stages, the language, security features, implications, and associated complexities are yet to be completely understood.
A third-party security audit by experts helps gain a better understanding of the code, its performance, and any potential issues.
What’s the average time taken for the completion of a security audit?
There is no specific timeline for the audit as it depends on the complexity of the project, number of smart contracts, type of audit, size of the codebase, and more. However, on average, an audit may take between one week and one month. The exact timeline will be communicated while applying for an audit.
What’s the cost of smart contract audits?
The cost of a smart contract audit depends on the complexities of a smart contract, custom audit requests, the protocol on which the smart contract is built, and lines of code. QuillAudits offers its services at attractive prices.
Our team will provide a cost estimate after receiving an audit request. If you wish to know more about the audit process and its cost, connect with our team, who will help you with all the necessary information.

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