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Smart contracts audit services
for Solana Blockchain

We are affirmative on the note that you would like to launch your project on Solana Blockchain securely. With our expertise and experience we can assure to protect your project against any conceivable assaults via program code flaws and defects.

Why Audit your Solana Program


Solana is a novel platform, and the security of its contracts has not been thoroughly tested.


Solana is acquiring enormous popularity, which draws an increasing number of hackers.


Investors and users place a higher premium on contracts that have been audited by a credible team.

best security

Additionally, an audit can verify that your contract adheres to the best security practices.

Solana Audit Service


Solana Dapp Audit

In addition to the program, we also validate the code of the application in the frontend and the backend. Since Solana applications are written in Rust programming language, the vulnerabilities that can arise are deep in the code and this is where we leverage our expertise to ensure security for your Dapp


Solana Contract Audit

Solana Programs necessitate a more in-depth examination of other necessary components or libraries imported. Apart from Rust expertise, QuillAudits understands how it fits into the smart contract ecosystem. QuillAudit will verify that the project adheres to the Team's specifications and validates it against any logical weaknesses.

Our Process


Requirement Gathering

We always begin by gaining a grasp of the program's business logic in order to identify mismatches between the specification and the implementation.

Mannual Analysis

Manual Analysis

Our top Rust Security engineers will do a code review and scan the entire program line by line for any logical or application vulnerability.

check for dependencies

Check for Dependencies

Following the manual analysis, we will scan all of your program's dependencies to see if they are outdated or have vulnerabilities.

Fuzz Testing

Fuzz Testing

Then, to assure the worst-case scenario, we'll perform an exhaustive scan of all the program's inputs via Fuzzing.

Final Report

Final Report

After the vulnerabilities are discovered, a full report is written outlining the various flaws and the necessary remediations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Solana Smart Contract Audit?
Solana contract audit means scrutinizing the smart contract code on the Solana blockchain against various vulnerabilities. As Solana is a new platform, most security loopholes are yet to be discovered; we analyse the code against various existing vulnerabilities and follow best security practices to mitigate them against malicious code flaws.
How long does a Solana smart contract audit take?
The time required to audit a contract based on Solana is between 2 to 14 days. Generally, it depends on the code lines and the project's criticality. The timeline is not rigid and may vary based on the scope and complexity of the project.
How much does it cost to audit a Solana smart contract?
Generally, the cost lies between $1500 to $15k. However, it depends on the lines of code and the code complexity of the Solana smart contract. The above is a broad range; the cost varies based on the project size.
How do you audit a Solana smart contract?
We extensively scrutinize the code based on the Solana blockchain. Our process starts from requirement gathering to manual analysis; then, we scan all of your program's dependencies to see if they are outdated or have vulnerabilities. After this, we present the final report, followed by Fuzz testing.
What benefits does a company get by passing Solana smart contract audit?
By passing Solana smart contract audit, a company can nullify the chances of the project being exploited by a malicious actor. Solana is a new platform. Companies must follow specific testing standards. It will also help the company gain the trust of users, partners, and investors.

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